Industry-Institute Interface

Quest lays a lot of emphasis on the Industry-Institute interaction for which customary seminars, workshops and industrial visits are prearranged to give the students bona fide exposure and knowledge

In one of the biggest Industry Institute tie ups, Quest has tied up with CICU (Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings) which represents 25 prominent industrial/trade associations and has around 850 members representing almost all segments of industry and trade

CICU (Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings) Tie-up

One of the major Industry Institute tie up - Quest has tied up with CICU (Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings) which represents 25 prominent industrial/trade associations. The salient aims and objectives of the Chamber are to promote & protect the general industrial and mercantile interest of the industry and trade, to encourage responsive outlooks and unanimity amongst members of business community. It has around 850 members representing almost all segments of industry and trade such as auto parts, agricultural apparatuses, cycle and cycle parts, cutting tools, fasteners, foundry, hand tools, hosiery, machine tools, sewing machine, textile etc.
Some of the Prominent organizations amongst them are :
  • Trident
  • Vardman Industries Ltd.
  • Avon Cycles Ltd.
  • Abhishek Industries Ltd.
  • Aarti Steels Ltd.
  • Eastman Industries Ltd.
  • Freemans Measures Ltd.
  • G.S.Auto International Ltd.
  • Kangaroo Industries Ltd.
  • Ludhiana Beverages Ltd. (Coca Cola)
  • Majestic Auto Ltd.
  • Munjal Casting Ltd.
  • Mangla Cotex Ltd.
  • Ritesh Industries Ltd.
  • Shreyans Industries Ltd


Placement Cell is giving a great deal of emphasis for strengthening the Industry-Institute interaction. The Placement Cell’s mission is to partner in Career Advancement of students by building strong competencies and skills, maintaining relationships with key recruiters. The Placement Cell takes care of the following key activities for the students:

  •  Job Placement through campus interviews

  •  Assistance for jobs

  •  Industrial contacts and image building activities on behalf of the Institute

  •  Industrial Visits & Educational Tours

  •  Personality Development

MOUs with Industry

In our Endeavour to act as a bridge between quality job seekers & quality job providers and to enhance the Job Readiness of the students,Quest has signed MOU’s with more than 20 industries & organizations of the region. These MOU’s help both the industry as well as students, as on one hand the students get inputs from industry regarding specific skills required by them and at the same time industry gets fit for purpose manpower, which requires very little training or guidance, thus saving huge cost for them.

An effective industry- institute relation benefits the industry and the institute by way of sharing knowledge, training needs of the institute, Project guidance & Placement of students and problem solving in the industries through consultations.

Some of the Prominent Organizations with whom we have the honour of signing these MOUs are:

  • Taaran Industries
  • Tynor
  • Fore Solutions
  • Unit Nexus
  • Mindful Systems & Solutions
  • Jetking
  • Pingaksho Technologies
  • Aerotel Technologies
  • Skydek Solutions
  • Sharmasons Builders
  • ACME Alvista
  • Pioneer Communications
  • Logiciel Solutions etc.



Quest is a recognized member of Mohali Industries Association. MIA provides the much required link between the industry and the government through its multi-dimensional activities, consistent dialogue and increasing affinity with various central and state government departments . These organizations connected with industry have aided in improving the infrastructural facilities in the Mohali Industrial Area. This membership with MIA serves as a great assistance in terms of our College Placements, Internships, Trainings and Development Programs.

Industry Visit

Industrial visits for engineering & management students have significant potential benefits for all involved. For the student it is an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the industry & experiencing the practical application of theories learnt in class. For the industrial organization, it is an opportunity to showcase itself as a potential career destination to the students, whilst for the institution it is an opportunity to enrich the student experience through authentic learning.

Industrials visit are a vital part of our curriculum. It helps to bridge the gap between classroom and the real working world. The visit also provides first-hand knowledge about the organizational structures and modes of operation in different industries. The scope of industrial visit varies according to courses & every department ensures that these visits prove productive to the students.

Some of the prominent industries / organizations where regular Industrial visits for Engineering programs are organized include but are not limited to :

  • Infosys
  • Nestle
  • DCM Engineering
  • Rail Coach Factory Kapurthla
  • Dibon Software Solutions
  • Wonder Automation
  • CSIO
  • Advanced Technology
  • Palm village
  • Swaraj Industries
  • Swaraj Mazda
  • Guru Gobind Singh Thermal Plant Ropar
  • Sebiz, Pushpa Gujral Science City
  • Gilard Electronics
  • Kaushalya Dam
  • Air Force Station etc.

Management Program students are given Hands on Practical Exposure in Retail and FMCG  Industry by regular  visits to the most splendid malls and Ware Houses  of Tri-city:

  • Paras Down Town
  • DT Mall
  • Centra Mall
  • VR Punjab
  • Dacathelon etc.
Expert Lectures

Distinguished Technocrats & Academicians of renowned National and International Organizations and Institutions are invited to deliver Expert lectures from on varied topics for the scholastic enlargement of the students. These Experts regularly interact with the students and share their valuable professional and personal experiences and practices.

Some of the prominent speakers from corporate who have interacted with our students & faculty, enhancing their understanding and knowledge about the important facets related to their arenas of interest are from :

  • Infosys
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • DCM
  • NIIT Technologies
  • HCL Technologies
  • Network Intelligence India
  • Gilard Electronics
  • HDFC
  • UIET
  • IIS(Institute of Information Security)
  • CSIO
  • Aircel
  • Aditya Telecom
  • Secugenious Security Solutions
  • Piford Technology
  • IQBri Telecom Pvt.Ltd
  • Comnet Solutions
  • Eeast Pvt.Ltd Soft solutions
  • Mindful Systems & Solutions
  • Bulls Eye
  • Career Café

Keynote speakers like Mr.V.P Chandan, an eminent personality in the field of Telecom Industry and a pioneer of CDMA Technology in the country have also addressed our students with his life transforming thoughts & Mantras of Success.