40th World Environment Day Celebrated at Quest


Quest Group of Institutions observed the 40th World Environment Day on the college premises on June 05, 2013. Dr. Raja Singh Khela (Director Principal, QGI) and Mr. HPS Kanda (Vice Chairman, QGI) addressed the gathering while appealing to ensure a cleaner, greener, and a brighter outlook for themselves and the future generations.

The event progressed with a presentation on the most alarming issue of Global Warming, by Ms. Manju Negi (Assistant Professor-Environmental Sciences, QGI), discussed what small changes in our lives can make a huge difference to save our environment. She took the audience through a self-assessment test on their contribution in conserving the resources. Students were given tips on how they can contribute little in saving the environment like switching off electricity when not required, use of water judiciously, avoid polythene bags, use cloth bags for day to day shopping, avoid paper wastage, avoid food wastage etc.

Following her presentation, a few students also presented their paper on ‘Water Crisis’ and ‘Ozone Depletion’, wherein they shared such shocking environmental facts, that it forced the audience to rethink and reinvent the world we are living in.

Taking the initiative further the college started its own environmental club of the college: ECO-Quest, wherein the students will not only become aware, but also be involved by contributing their share in saving our environment.

The celebration concluded with tree plantation ceremony at the campus. More than 50 saplings where planted by the students whoeir stay in the college. Mr. HPS Kanda Vice Chairman, appealed the students to plant at least one tree sapling in all their important occasions such as birthdays.