Computer Security Day celebrated at Quest


A special seminar was organized by the IT department of Quest Group of Institutions on Computer Security Day,for its Faculty ,which is an annual event that is observed worldwide. It was started in 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues.

Information security professionals of the institute, use d this opportunity to raise security awareness to the users, within their organization. The experts of IT department, recommended various effortless but basic measures like “You can do several things to secure your computer or laptop like backing up files, scanning for viruses, using an air duster to clean your keyboard, or even posting a sign that simply says “No Food or Drink” near your computer, Change your password, back-up your data, delete unneeded files & eliminate dust from computer areas, Update your anti-virus program etc”.

This workshop was aimed at asking the question” Is your computer and information secure?”& the goal of Computer Security Day is to remind people to protect their computers and information.

Vice Chairman,Mr.H.P.S.Kanda,who himself, is highly technically savvy addressed the faculty audience by emphasizing that “This Computer  Security Day is a way of reminding all computer users that computer security and safety is an important personal and workplace responsibility. He added that “a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds” & hence it today’s world of technology it is of paramount implication to save our gadgets including our mobiles,ATMs,credit cards etc from threats like  virus attacks, unethical hacking etc by becoming more conscious & updated.