“ESSENTIALS to HEAD START a DOCTORAL LEVEL(RESEARCH TOOLS & TECHNIQUES) was the focus area of the 2nd “Faculty development Programme” organized by  Quest Group of Institutions from 2nd June 2014  -6th June 2014..As we all are aware “Faculty development Programme” is aimed at renewal and growth of the faculty in all facets of their professional lives. These programs can play an important role on college and university campuses by acknowledging the human needs of faculty members, and by providing the resources, social networks, and innovative ideas that can foster the fulfillment of those needs.

This year’s convention, focusing on PhD aids offered the opportunity to explore an exciting new terrain. It was a distinguished congregation of so many academicians & scholars from various fractions of Punjab.

The doctorate is the highest degree awarded in academia. & Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. This PhD degree signifies that you have attained the greatest level of competence in your field of study. The PhD is important to obtain for employment and career considerations as well as for name recognition. Doctoral programs usually encompass intensive training in research methods, including interviewing, surveys, questionnaires, clinical trials and laboratory experiments; later, those skills are put into practice when the doctoral candidate conducts fieldwork for his dissertation &  this FDP precisely assisted in how to go about all this especially  in the prelude phase. Dr.P.K. Bansal ,Director MM University,Solan presided over as the Chief Guest & as the Keynote speaker.

Prominent orators from academia and industry enlightened the learned delegates in the next 5 day voyage regarding diverse topics mentioned below:

  • Dr. S V RamaGopal (Chief Scientist, CSIO, CHD)- Preparation of final research report
  • Dr. VS Pandey (Senior Scientist, CSIO, CHD)- Basic idea how to conceive sound research proposal
    • Dr.MK Nayak(Senior Scientist, CSIO CHD)- Conceptual clarity of formation of research paper
    • Dr.A.K.Goel( Professor, GZS College, Bathinda)- Knowledge of sponsorship bodies and funding agencies for research
    • Dr.Sarabjeet Singh(Professor,UIET CHD)- Research tools and techniques(MENDELEY)
    • Dr. Parikshit Bansal(NIPER, Mohali)- Familiarity with process of patents, publications and presentation
    • Dr.PK Tulsi(Professor & Head, Education  & Educational  Management ,NITTTR CHD)- Insights into research process and methodology
    • (Dr.Harmesh Kansal,HOD-ME,UIET, CHD)- Skills On Imparting SPSS
    • Er. Lalit Mohan (Director IP,Mahashakti Energy Ltd, Bathinda)- Research & Innovation


All the members from various colleges of PTU, who actively participated & extended their horizons from this FDP were honored & appreciated in the Valedictory function.

Chairman of Quest Group of Institutions Mr.D.S.Sekhon, Congratulated the Participants & the organizers .He expressed his contentment at the thought provoking topic of the FDP- Research. He added that Research & Development is not only integral for an individual’s progress but is also necessary for a Nation’s advancement.

Mr.HPS KANDA  Vice Chairman, Quest Group of Institutions, addressed the erudite audience by saying that the responsibility of a teacher is to simplify things & it’s the  duty of a mentor to encourage students for research work, to ignite the flame to take that initial small step, so as to attain greater heights for self & society.