“A hundred new faces, but a million dreams” is what this occasion can be best described as. It has been a tradition of Quest Group of Institutions to welcome their new entrants with a gala show of Fresher’s party. Following the tradition this year too, the Fresher’s party was organized on 16th September, 2015. The event was glorified with the presence of honourable Chairman Quest Group of Institutions, Mr. D.S. Sekhon , Esteemed Vice Chairman  Mr. H.P.S Kanda and Worthy Vice Chairman Mr. J.P.S. Dhaliwal.

On the splendid eve of Freshomania-2015, atmosphere at Quest was filled with excitement, enthusiasm, music, laughter and happiness. Fresher’s Party is marked as a memorable day in the life of a Fresher. Quest truly realizes the significance of this day and takes this as an opportunity to make them feel at home, even though away from home.

All the events were artistically and beautifully presented in colors as well as style. The audience was kept enthralled by mind-blowing performances of dances, songs and mimicry. The main highlight of event was Ramp Walk by all Fresher. Every participant was dressed dashing and were leaving fire on the ramp. The panel of judges had a very tough decision to make, but ultimately the winners of Title Mr.  & Ms. Fresher’ 2015 were Mr. Majid Hussain and Miss Shradha. Word goes out to Kristina and Junaid for winning the Best Dressed Female and Male respectively, where as Lirybon won the Best performer Award for her outstanding performance in the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Honorable Chairman Mr. D. S.Sekhon not only congratulated the students & faculty for organizing this wonderful affair but also assured the newcomers that efforts would be made for their overall development.

Last but not the least there was a mash-up of all students of Quest Group together, enjoying, dancing, mixing up and mingling to become a whole big family to share love and happiness together and an evening to be cherished lifelong with a broad smile upon our faces.