Industry Visit – Cheema Boilers Ltd.

In order to provide the students first hand knowledge of the practices and procedures adopted by the industry, the Training & Placement Cell of Quest Group of Institutions organized an industry visit to Cheema Boilers Ltd, Kurali.

Basic outcome was the learning and understanding of the techniques and machinery involved in the manufacturing of all kinds of boilers large or small.  The students under the guidance of their faculty and officials of Cheema Boilers Ltd also learnt about various departments of the plant and their related working so as to form members a complete unit. Students were also demonstrated various methods being adopted for welding and testing of the welded joints. Huge boilers manufacturing and the large scale material handling was also seen practically by them.

Here is the feedback of some of the students :

“It was a wonderful experience of my life. I gained the knowledge about boiler manufacturing and different kinds of material handling equipments used in the industry. I was fascinated by the amount of workshops and the large boilers made there..” Krishna, Mechanical Engg. 1st year.

“It was a great experience for me to learn practically from this visit. I thank a lot to the department to give me a chance to visit the plant. I saw how various machines like MIG, TIG, CNC lathe and material handling cranes are put to use in real working environment, which gave me a good view about the real industry.” Bikal Raj Karki, Mechnical Engg. 1st Year