JAM Session-Literary Event

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Just a Minute – “It’s all about enlivened thinking”

Literary Club of Quest Group of Institutions organized JAM Session, an exciting interactive event, a unique blend of Skill, Talent, and Creativity with Pure Entertainment. The event was glorified with the presence of honourable Vice- Chairman Mr. H.P.S Kanda.

The Judges for event were Mr. Sukhdeep Singh HOD –MBA, Ms. Sonika Aggrawal HOD-ECE & Ms. Monika D Mehta Head Training & Placements.

The objective of the event was to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, “without hesitation, repetition or deviation“. The participants were judged on the basis of fluency, content, confidence and overall presentation.  The topics in the JAM Session varied from current to social and abstract issues. The best part of event was Musical Chair which made the event to be called “Learning with fun”.

It offered students an opportunity to improve speaking skills, smartness, and enable them to think out of the box and off the feet. It was an unforgettable experience that leaves every participant eager for more.

Vice-Chairman Mr. H.P.S Kanda congratulated the students and applauded their efforts. He also requested students to participate in such events, as only through such events they could sharpen their overall personas.

Event ended with Vote of thanks & Prize Distribution to the Winners of JAM Session.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Position-Hamid (B.Tech 1st Year)

2nd Position-Priya Negi(B.Tech 1st Year)

3rdPosition-Shreya Bhattacharya (B.Tech 1st Year)

Reward for Best Dance Step went to Shangam Choudary (B.Tech 1st Year)