Mock Press Conference and Kite Flying events







On occasion of Basant Panchami , Quest Group of Institutions organized multiple events to honor Saraswati – The Hindu Goddess of education, learning and the fine arts on  4th January, 2014.  Keeping in mind the thought “It’s a moment of initiation, of the child towards education and learning”, the events were planned.

At Quest, This day started with very popular Tradition; Kite Flying where students engaged in making kites of different designs and sizes. This gave students a bundle of excitement. Moreover, pleasant weather conditions added to the festivity. It signified a celebration of the freshness and beauty of spring. Spring is the time of renewal of life, of new relationships, hope and renewed chances for improvement and success.

Later it was followed by a Mock PRESS CONFERENCE, a star-studded event organized by the Literary Club of college. More than 50 students participated in this fun learning event. The challenge to look, dress up, to know all & enact as their favorite celebrity was lapped up by the fervent students. Also an intelligent panel of Student Reporters, with their pool of amusing & informative questions, kept the audience engrossed. This event not only provided students a platform to display their acting skills but also was an initiative to hone up their knowledge regarding all the selected celebrities & controversies surrounding them. Replication of celebrities in terms of clothes, appearances & character & grueling Questions /Answer rounds by the reporters made this event most attention-grabbing.

The show began with a lighter note by students dressed up as ,popular stand up comedians Guthi & Kapil followed by a heated discussion enacted by Arvind Kejriwal, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Many other celebrities look- alikes like Binnu Dhillon, Alia Bhatt, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Honey Singh, Nana Pateker,Osama Bin Laden, Salman Khan & Sharukh khan, Sunny Deol entertained the crowd.

Judges found this event engrossing from beginning to end.Parveen(Mechanical 4th Sem)  dressed as Lalu Prasad Yadav had audience in splits with his wit and  intelligence & shared the first position with Sahil , (Mechanical 6th Sem)  who made the crowd mad with his enactement  as Guthi.Aamir (ECE 6th sem) won the best reporter award with his insightful questions & confidence.

Vice Chairman Mr. H.P.S Kanda was astounded by the zeal & talent, which the students displayed on the stage. Addressing to the audience he said, He has never-ever witness such an amazing press conference & congratulated all the participants. He also requested students to participate in such events, as only through such events they could sharpen their overall personas. He said, that through activities like these, one could overcome their stage fear &simultaneously also enhance their general knowledge, which is the need of the hour.