Motivational Talk on Self Awareness

A motivational talk was organized for the students of B.Tech first year students at Quest Group of Institutions.  Mr. Nishant Mahajan was the key note speaker. He is a motivational speaker and Consultant Trainer. Vice Chairman, Mr. HPS Kanda was also the part of the event along with the HOD’s and the faculty members. The event proved to be very motivating for the students. He shared difficulties faced by the students about their career and how they underestimate themselves. He gave live examples from his life that how one can get over one’s fears and move forward.

The session was quite inspiring and students learnt new things about getting rid of internal fears and how to be confident enough.  At the end of the session students cleared their doubts where many students participated with great enthusiasm. Lot of positivity was witnessed among the students after the event. At the end of the event even Vice Chairman took the initiative of sharing his views with the students about self awareness and how to be deal with negativity in life. Later the Guest was honored for making the event a great success.​