Quest organized Guest Session by Amazon on E-Commerce and Effective Leadership

Quest Group of Institutions organized a Guest session for CSE and MBA students on E-Commerce and Effective Leadership by Amazon.

Mr Ashwani, Program Manager at Amazon explained how E-Commerce is booming and the challenges e-commerce industry copes up to deliver in the most efficient manner to the end user.

He informed that it is getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs and consumers, both local and international as it’s the most effective way of adding more buyers based on the fact that time is essence. In the commercial markets, time plays an important role to both the business and consumers. From the business perspective, with less time spent during each transaction, more transaction can be achieved on the same day. As for the consumer, they will save up more time during their transaction. Because of this, Ecommerce steps in and replaced the traditional commerce method where a single transaction can cost both parties a lot of valuable time. With just a few clicks in minutes, a transaction or an order can be placed and completed via the internet with ease.

From the business viewpoint, Ecommerce is much more cost effective compared to traditional commerce method. This is due to the fact where through Ecommerce, the cost for the middleperson to sell their products can be saved and diverted to another aspect of their business. The reason due to that is where most of the cost can be reduced in Ecommerce.

He also added that they keep on working on the processes where the end user can get the product in minimal time and at the same time cutting the cost of operations as well without compromising on satisfaction level of the user who is associated with them for their shopping experience.

In short, without any major obstacles, Ecommerce will certainly continue to mature in the global market and eventually, it will become an essential business plan for a company in order to survive and stay competitive in the ever changing market.

He also explained about the traits of a leader for effective leadership emphasizing on the Importance of Vision in any prospective leader.