Teej Celebration

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Teej – ‘the festival of swings’ is an important festival for the women. The sawan month is eagerly awaited by the people as different festivals fall at this time period. The festival of Teej brings exuberance and chance to get along each other. Married women and young girls celebrate the festival with earnest devotion.

Quest too, celebrated Teej festival with fun and frolic on 20th August

This vibrant function, was marked with various colourful events like Mehndi Ceremony, Hair Styling & Nail Art for both faculty & students.Performance of energetic Giddha and traditional Bhangra amazed the audience.

Miss Teej contest was the main attraction of the event where young girls passionately participated…Ms. Japjeet of CSE dept won the title of Miss Teej .

The traditional Punjabi food and swings added to the colour that is all around during this event The theme of the venue & events was totally traditional and cultural-like a village.

The day was ended by the speech of Vice Chairman  Sir-Mr. HPS Kanda. He said, Teej is the day which shows woman’s love and sacrifice.

In his speech he appreciated the efforts of students & faculty member for the successful event & said these types of activities are very important for overall development of  the student.

He enthralled the crowd by requesting them to celebrate _”Dhiyaan” – Daughters in addition to  teeyian… & requested everyone to  love & Respect Every Woman.