Unique @ Quest

Global Exposure

At Quest, you get a multicultural environment as the campus is a second home to International students from more than 15 countries. Apart from students from the majority of  Indian states; some of the countries whose citizens are pursuing their education at Quest are: 

  • Afghanistan
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Cameroon
  • South Sudan
  • Mali
  • DR Congo
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Angola
  • Zambia
  • Ivory Coast
  • Senegal

This cultural diversity offers a great opportunity for the students to understand different cultures and develop their culture quotient (CQ) which is the most sought after skill in today's globalized world and is as important as IQ and EQ. 

Moreover, the friendships formed during studies help students to create a network globally, which is a great asset for any professional in his career.

Technology Enabled Learning

Quest Group of Institutions is amongst the foremost institutions which are part of Google And Microsoft Education initiatives. By using Microsoft and Google tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, etc., the Students get important Notes, Study Material, Videos, etc. from their respective teachers; available to them through their connected devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., making them learn the concepts and skills in an interesting and convenient way.

These technology-driven tools help the teachers to create assignments in numerous ways using images, videos, questions, etc. which are available to students digitally. The students can submit the assignments digitally and the teacher can grade the same online.

Using Google Quiz, our teachers create different types of questions that test the conceptual understanding of the students of the topics taught from time to time e.g. using pictures, videos, multiple-choice, checkboxes, etc. It helps the students to prepare well for the subjects and also get the quick results of their performance.


Communication & Soft Skills Development

Communication and Soft skills play a crucial role in both the personal and professional development of an individual’s life. They help us to develop healthy relationships and secure a respectable position in the corporate world as well as in society. In the present competitive world, apart from good command over communication, soft skills are an indispensable part of a professional’s career growth.

Quest Group of Institutions has a dedicated Communication and Personality Development (CPD) department, with an objective to inculcate employability skills and social skills amongst future professionals so as to bring about a paradigm shift in their attitude and lives. We prepare our students for life beyond campus with highly innovative & interactive workshops on:

  • English Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills 
  • Public Speaking
  • Aptitude, reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Confidence boosting activities
  • Group Discussions
  • Debates
  • Personal Grooming
  • Body language
  • Mock Interviews(Face-to-face, telephonic, skype, etc.)


Experiential Learning

At Quest, a great deal of emphasis is laid upon experiential learning. In order to ensure that our students proactively & competently face the industry challenges, in-house projects are assigned and implemented by every student in each semester, for real-time application of knowledge and progressive learning. Students are enlivened to be part of actual projects during their industry visits, to instill experience and expertise to solve the problems after proper analysis, and to effectively apply the theory learned.

Moreover, the assigning of the Projects is done in such a manner that it imbibes in the executors, the team spirit, cross-cultural adaptability, planning & coordination skills; apart from Technical skills. No wonder, our students outshine in terms of their practical skills and this gives them an edge over their peers.

The following videos give a glimpse of our students experiences after working on real-time problem solving with industry:

Holistic Development

If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.

The youth of today have lot of energy which  needs to be channelized in a positive direction, else the same youth can derail the socio-economic  system of the society by indulging in unlawful and immoral  activities.

Holistic Development is a novel initiative by Quest Management to reach out &  awaken the Youth. “Wake Up Times”- as the name  suggests, is time to awaken the students &  make students conscious  of their surroundings.  We are accomplishing it with the help of our perceptive Communication & Personality Development(CPD) team which posts regular updates appearing in newspaper, magazines, Internet etc. relating to social-issues, youth-centric issues, and issues that bring about responsiveness in the students , which positively stirs the young minds. All these articles have some educative values & students are also encouraged to contribute to this board with any meaningful thoughts from newspaper or internet.

The idea is that our students embrace their views, amend and transform our society and nation by contributing in the finest conceivable manner.It is a blessing in disguise for the youth, wherein even if we are able to make an iota of difference in their lives or outlook, we would be victorious in our endavor..


  • Updating news  gives the  students a clear idea of the current events of the country and the around  the world.
  • It broadens student’s  outlook and enriches their mind
  • It enhances their  language fluency and knowledge
  • Speaking up against social injustice             
  • Creating awareness of how people affect the environment
  • Promoting racial tolerance and respect                    
  • Group Discussion on current issues       
  • Organizing Events  on Social issues

Student Feedback System

“If good teachers make good students ,then good students make better teachers.”

Feedback is an essential part of effectual learning. At Quest we have empowered our students with an intricate feedback system, aspiring  that the learning modus operandi could  be enhanced and student support system is consistent with achievements.

Continuous feedback is taken during each semester and a comprehensive feedback is structured at the end of each semester covering all the indispensable aspects like – content, punctuality, timeliness, and behavioral patterns for every faculty member.This system has guided in making the entire process of imparting  education  more meaningful, purposeful & transparent.

Each and every feedback is intensely analyzed and shared with particular faculty members. This is the foundation of the continuous improvement of academic system, so that it is in sync with the expectations of students.

Besides this, a Grievance Redressal cell is created in the institution to look after grievances of students, if any. It’s aim is to ensure timely and effective rectification  of any student gripe.

Special Training for Govt./MNC Jobs

The students pursuing B.Tech. at Quest Group of Institutions have an option of getting specialized training for preparation for Government / MNC jobs by joining the training course offered by Moudgil Academy.

The training shall be provided by the experts from Moudgill Academy at the college premises. The interested students can enroll themselves directly with the Moudgil Academy. Students taking admission in such specialized training classes shall be enrolled with Moudgil Academy exclusively and shall deemed to be their students for that purpose.

The number of seats for this training shall be limited.

  • Eligibility : 10+2 (PCM) with min 60% marks
  • Mode of Selection : Telephonic / Face to face interview with Moudgil Academy experts

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