Technology Enabled Learning

Quest Group of Institutions is amongst the foremost institutions which are part of Google And Microsoft Education initiatives. By using Microsoft and Google tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, etc., the Students get important Notes, Study Material, Videos, etc. from their respective teachers; available to them through their connected devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., making them learn the concepts and skills in an interesting and convenient way.

These technology-driven tools help the teachers to create assignments in numerous ways using images, videos, questions, etc. which are available to students digitally. The students can submit the assignments digitally and the teacher can grade the same online.

Using Google Quiz, our teachers create different types of questions that test the conceptual understanding of the students of the topics taught from time to time e.g. using pictures, videos, multiple-choice, checkboxes, etc. It helps the students to prepare well for the subjects and also get the quick results of their performance.